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Reaffirming and Actualizing India’s Commitment to Gender Equality and Equity, Inspired by the Goals of our G20 Presidency, India announced the establishment of “Alliance for Global Good - Gender Equity and Equality” at the World Economic Forum, January 2024.
Focus Areas Of The Alliance






Who We Are
A Global Collective of Governments, Industry and Development Organizations working
towards inspiring intentional action to enable women across
the globe to achieve their economic potential.
What We Will Do
A. Establish Intent
The alliance will bring on board that will commit to the vision and focus of the alliance.
• Signatories to this alliance, will
  • Sign the statement of Intent that will translate into policies and programs to advance work in the focus areas of health, education, and economic opportunities.
  • Bring together stakeholders extended spheres of influence to sign statements of Intent to motivate actions across all stakeholder groups.
  • Design and Drive campaigns that change perspectives and narratives that are gender unequal and therefore pose a cultural challenge for women to participate fully.
B. Move From Intent To Action
Signatories to the alliance will work to push Actions that achieve enhanced quality and access to Health facilities, Education Opportunities and Economic Opportunities for women.
• This will be achieved through
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Developing of new solutions (technology, programs and initiatives, research) that enable women to achieve their potential.
  • Driving investment to support innovation and scale of solutions.
Expected Impact
Change in Narrative & perceptions around Women’s Engagement in the economy & society.
Greater focus by countries and all stakeholders to drive women led development.
Increased investment & scaling up of gendered health research and health programs leading to a reduced health burden for women and children, increased sense of wellbeing amongst women.
Increased investment and scaling up of initiatives that promote Economically relevant education for girls. Increased industry engagement and therefore greater readiness for women to join and grow within industry.
Increase investment in women led enterprises. Increase in women role models thereby leading to a cascading increase in women led enterprises.
Development of global matrix that measures women participation, empowerment, and contribution to the nation’s development.